For Easter, Campbell Pulls Rabit out of His Mouth

When you read this NBC report – that Boko Harma are local and not global terrorists, that they are fighting poverty and that they are targetting Muslims more, you realize how much of an ignoramus ambassador Campbell is. Then when you come to the end of it, you find he admits he is ignorant – something some have known for long. So why did they publish the opinions of a self-acclaimed ignoranus?

Campbell pulls another rabbit trick out of his mouth – hard to believe he was once an ambassador to Nigeria with the level of ignorance displayed here. Boko Haram says they are global jihadists, they admit training by Alshabab etc, they used to be called the “Nigerian Taliban,” they operated training camps in Mali so why does he believe so much in the innocence of these local jihadists? If churches have been the main target of Boko Haram in the last few years, how is it possible for Muslims to be the most victims? 

The NBC article is itself a desservice to the facts. Not one mosque has been bombed by Boko Haram. Not one. Numerous churches have been attacked, bombed, shot, burnt – we are talking hundreds.

These blood-thirsty medieval throat-slitting barbarians are portrayed as Robin Hoods of sorts. This is not an economic revolt – this is a classic jihad to impose islam on infidels like Campbell and his ilk. Its not about corruption or poverty. Nigeria, China and India account for two-thirds of the world’s poor, yet you do not see terrorism on these levels in China or India which have much hundreds of millions of poor compared to Nigeria’s tens of millions.

It is particularly pathetic that the article implies that this is a war against the corrupt and rich south. Nay. The south has actually been exploited and oppressed by the north and the deprived and destitute oil-producing Niger Delta actually led a violent and genuine poverty and justice-based militancy against the central government. Even at that they were more humane than the Boko Haram beasts.

I hope Campbell gets an Easter Basket out of this atrocious mis-writing of history. Boko Haram couldn’t have found a truer friend and apologist then a former top US official but if a gift basket does come in the mail, he shouldn’t believe his own hype and think Boko Haram loves him and hates only Nigerian southerners.

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The State of Deception: Still playing at an embassy near you

Although the US has finally designated Nigerian-based Jihadist Terror Group Boko Haram as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, the false narrative that sustained the delay in US recognition of this hideous organization continues.
Secretary of State John Kerry’s recently released human rights country conditions report continues a systematic pattern of egregious false reporting once again by DOS:
“Throughout much of the country, Boko Haram perpetrated numerous killings and attacks, often directly targeting civilians. During the year the sect, which recruited child soldiers, claimed responsibility for coordinated assaults on social and transportation hubs in Kano; an attack on the town of Baga; multiple attacks on schools and mosques; an attack on the town of Benesheik; and the killing of government, religious, and traditional figures. On February 17, the terrorist group Ansaru, believed to be a Boko Haram faction, kidnapped seven foreigners in Bauchi State” – Executive Summary of the Nigeria report

Over 300 churches were attacked and about 2 mosques in 2013. The churches got no mention but the mosques did even though Christians are Boko Haram’s declared number one target.
Boko Haram has gone out of its way to emphasize that it does not attack Islamic places of worship. However it does assassinate Muslim critics after worship when they are vulnerable. Boko Haram’s first attack inside a mosque in the 5-year insurgency occurred in 2013. They targets were Muslims who had cooperated with the authorities against the terrorists. It was not a random attack on Christians as has been the case.
Recently, Boko Haram acknowledged killing a Muslim cleric who had been critical of them. It is likely the terrorists’ first claim of responsibility for the killing of a fellow Muslim.
The question remains – why is the US downplaying or denying the attacks against Christians?
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The Face of Resident Terror

Escapees from the northern Nigerian state of Kano paint a disturbing picture of the massive killings of Christians by jihadist terror group Boko Haram.

Sefia (name changed for her protection) says she fled after many friends, acquaintances and neighbors were killed around her.

She recalls a neighbor who stepped outside his door to brush his teeth and was brutally gunned down by the terrorists last year.
This year, another neighbor was killed as he watched football in a sport club. This time the terrorists came back a couple of days later to apologize to his parents.
It was a case of mistaken identity, they said. They had written to another man to notify him that they were going to kill him. That fellow fled town immediately.
Unfortunately Sefia’s neighbor who was a well-liked college grad on national service was mistaken for him and murdered by the terrorists.
This, says Sefia, was the turning point. In times past, the killers would be masked. Now they come in broad daylight and total impunity.
One day a bike rode past her with 4 men on it. It struck her as curious why they all piled on like that.
Moments later, she heard gunshots. She watched as one of the men calmly took off his blood stained robes and changed to another in full public view before getting on the bike and riding away.
Sefia says she suspects other Muslims who have generally attacked Christians and churches over the decades are joining in on the terrorists’ bandwagon to kill Christians with impunity.
One Sunday, two prominent Christian brothers were on their way home from church when they were stopped by gun men who threatened to kill them. The boys pleaded with the captors – the eldest negotiated with them to kill him and spare his younger brother as their mother was a widow.
A passerby also entreated them to have mercy. The gunmen shot all three of them – both bothers died.

Sefia herself survived the horrendous January 20, 2012 massacre in Kano which was the worst single day casualty in any global conflict that year alongside Syria.

Boko Haram attacked multiple locations in carefully coordinated attacks.

Unlike her colleagues, Sefia decided to remain in her office after her brother phoned her to stay put. A married male colleague decided to head out to search for his family. A female coworker followed him in his car.

At midnite Sefia finally left her office, the sole remaining occupant after its roof caved in from the bomb blasts around town. Fortunately she wasn’t injured.
She trekked for miles on her way home passing by mounds of corpses by the side of the road. It was like a “movie set”, she says, so surreal.
Those who moved around it seems were the prime casualties. She later learnt that Boko Haram had stopped her two colleagues at a checkpoint. He pleaded for his life as did his lady colleague telling them he had children. The terrorists shot him in the head and his brains were splattered all over her clothes where she sat in the front passenger seat.
One terrorist pointed his gun at her but another stopped him from pulling the trigger saying, ” we don’t kill women”.

It was the latest close shave for Sefia. In 2011, Muslim rioters came to burn her home while she and her mum were in it during the so-called “post election”
violence. Her Muslim neighbors lied to the mob that they occupants were Muslims so she escaped being burnt alive – regardless of whether she were female or not.

Those neighbors have themselves now moved. Sefia doesn’t know if the new ones would lie to protect her life. She has fled leaving behind family too old to relocate.

No state of emergency has been declared in Kano and Boko Haram’s capacity has not been downgraded. The killings continue till this day, mostly unreported and undocumented but for interviews with survivors such as this. The US had planned to open a consulate in Kano but the new Assistant secretary for Africa told congress this month that this is on hold. The US only recently designated Boko Haram a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

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Christmas come early? State Department designates Boko Haram an FTO

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Join us on livestream for a house hearing with the state department and Jubilee Campaign on Nigeria.

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Media Malpractice: news wires campaign of disinformation – AP strikes again

The article below is a horrid example of how the international media by biased writing are conjuring the notion that somehow the “Christian government” is behind the killings of Muslims. You will see that there is no mention of Christians being the object of attacks by Boko Haram and no single attack on Christians is cited. None.


Nigeria’s military killing thousands of detainees


1 hour ago

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Shedding stark light on Nigeria’s escalating war with Islamic militants, mortuary records from a single Nigerian hospital show the number of detainees who died in military custody more than tripled in June, the first month of a state of emergency in the troubled northeast region.

Overall, the records obtained by The Associated Press for the nine months from Oct. 5 to July 5 indicate that the military is killing thousands in its crackdown on the uprising in northeast Nigeria.

The records cover just one hospital, Sani Abacha Specialist Teaching Hospital in Maiduguri, the birthplace of Boko Haram, the movement fighting to uproot Western cultural influences from a country shared almost equally by Muslims and Christians. In the 30 days before the state of emergency was declared on May 14, 380 bodies were delivered to the hospital by the military. In the 30 days after, the number was 1,321.

For the whole of June, the number was 1,795, making it the worst month in the records seen by the AP, which has also witnessed many of the bodies being delivered to the hospital in military ambulances, escorted by armored cars.

The figure is much larger than the estimated number of Boko Haram fighters.

Nigerian government and military officials have refused to comment, and it’s impossible to know how many of the dead had Boko Haram connections. But Nigerian law stipulates that even under a state of emergency, detainees are supposed to be brought before a magistrate within 48 hours and to have access to lawyers and family members.

A pastor said he was held at Maiduguri’s Giwa Military Barracks after he and four other people were arrested because weapons were found hidden in the shoe factory where he works.

He described hundreds of naked people crammed into a cell meant for a couple of dozen. Once a day, he said, a soldier would throw a loaf of moistened bread into the cell to be brawled over. Some died of torture, he said.

He told the AP he was freed with the intervention of a Christian group, and his jailers’ recognizing his prayers for salvation as Christian. He requested anonymity fearing military retaliation.

(Essentially this implies that this is a war against Muslims and Christians are exempt. We have been working on a case of several Christians arrested by the military in multiple locations since last month. It is of course ludicrous that Christians would be members of a jihadist group bent on exterminating Christian but this is the absurd outcome when suspected Boko Haram terrorists have infiltrated the Civilian JTF vigilante groups)

Amnesty International reported this week that hundreds are dying in detention: some taken from the cells and shot, some dying of suffocation or starvation.

The London-based human rights group said “credible information” from a senior Nigerian army officer indicated more than 950 people have been killed in the first six months of this year. The mortuary records seen by the AP list 3,335 bodies in that period, in just one hospital.

That figure alone is about nine times greater than the 400 civilians killed in Boko Haram attacks in the same period, according to an AP count of reported incidents.

However, Boko Haram has also done much to alienate public opinion. Fighters suspected of belonging to it have gunned down dozens of schoolchildren, some as they sat at their desks writing exams, and burned alive boarding school students locked into dormitories that were set ablaze.

The name Boko Haram roughly means “Western education is forbidden.”

The group has also killed many more Muslims than Christians. In August, it gunned down 47 worshippers in a mosque. Last month it captured a muezzin, made him issue the pre-dawn summons to prayer and then killed at least seven elderly men who answered the call.

(You can see clearly here that no data was given to show that Muslims were indeed greater casualties than Christians. This is curious because the article cites figures copiously for its other allegations. This claim is just gratuitously thrown in. Then the writer cites the only successful attack inside a mosque in several years – yes, the solitary incident – as proof. It does not mention the numerous attacks on multiple churches – there were more attacks on churches in Nigeria since last year than they were in Egypt in the last century)

Local and international human rights groups say the troops deployed to combat Boko Haram are notorious for their excesses and have draconian powers to raid homes and detain people. They see a danger of a backlash from a poor population that feels marginalized and remote from the political center of Nigeria and its Christian president, Goodluck Jonathan.

(This editorializing/psychoanalytical comment implicitly blames the president for being a Christian. In a sense this is why the Muslims hate him but here it is twisted as though he somehow neglected them in the 2 years since his election – notwithstanding the fact that the Muslim north rioted and killed Christians in across 12 states the very night he won the elections before he ever had a chance to “marginalize” them.)

The religions co-exist peacefully in the rest of Nigeria although fundamentalism, fueled by poverty and marginalization, has been growing among Christians and Muslims in the north.

(Isn’t this cute? Now its the Christians who are fundamentalists – oh and also, Muslims. Good lawd!)

Just days after the emergency was declared, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry noted “deep concern over credible allegations of gross human rights violations by Nigerian security forces.” And in September, when he met Jonathan at the U.N., President Barack Obama “underscored the importance of countering terrorism via a comprehensive approach that creates economic opportunity and protects human rights,” according to a State Department official.

On Thursday Nigeria was elected to a two-year seat on the U.N. Security Council. According to presidential spokesman Reuben Abati, President Jonathan believes it is “a glowing expression of support and encouragement for Nigeria’s active participation in the promotion of peace, security and political stability in Africa and other parts of the world.”


This article claims more people have been killed than the estimated number of terrorists but doesn’t name that figure or how it obtained the troop strength of a shadowy insurgent group. These are the kinds of flights of fancy that constitute objective reportage for respected international news wires.

Between the ferocious attacks of the terrorists, the mendacious analysis of the US state department, the systemic disinformation from the international media and the indifference of most, Christians in northern Nigeria are facing a perfect storm while the world fiddles.

PS for a better article, pls see this incisive one

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